We encourage our Clients to be Pro-Active  NOT  Re-Active. Use it or Loose it.  No Sweat, Get Wet.  For the ultimate in fitness!

About us


Rockin' L Fitness and Nutrition offers a wide variety of services starting with AQUA-TONE.  Over 30 years in the fitness industry and working with such greats as Mike “the Zipper” Sable, Jack La Lane, Nautilus Sports Medical, Dan Solloway PhD (Hydrotone Inventor) and more. Lorelei, now in her late 50's has worked with High School and College athletes to active clients in their 90's. Pre and Post Surgery re-rehabilitation is also available with a prescription. We like to take an educated approach to better health for our clients. Teaching the simplest of strategies to guarantee the best results. We want you to live life to the fullest! Creating a personal and simple approach for you to follow. Mind-Body-Nutrition in conjunction with the bodies natural responses (elimination-digestion-absorption) on a daily level. It is a formula that is so simple that even a child can remember it.


The need for developing and maintaining lean body mass is more than what you see on the outside. The body will not maintain muscle that is not being used routinely. As we get older our personal “stress” levels increase and our daily activities decrease resulting in poor cardiovascular health, body fat retention and loss of fitness. AQUA-TONE by Lorelei is a total body exercise program. Utilizing water bells and boots and at times a water jog belt AQUA-TONE is an exciting new exercise program that amplifies the natural resistance of water. AQUA-TONE's total body exercise programs work ALL the muscle groups of the body and have been designed especially by leading exercise and sports professionals. It is a SAFE, EFFICIENT and GENTLE form of exercise. The degree of intensity, or resistance depends entirely upon the force applied by the user. Therefore intense enough for the strongest athletes, yet safe and gentle for the elderly or someone that is out of shape, in need of rehabilitation.


While being in the pool your body is supported, buoyant in the water this enables you to comfortably increase your flexibility as well as the water surging in behind encourages a longer range of motion. Even during the sprint periods you will not overheat making this workout a treat. AND in just 15 or 20 minutes you can accomplish more than spending an hour in the gym! How would you like to cut down your workout time by 70%, not break a sweat, never risk that next day muscle soreness and your hair won't get wet? Just imagine what an hour will accomplish. What are you waiting for? We invite you to take the plunge for optimal health and fitness.

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