Rockin' L Fitness & Nutrition    is Dedicated to Teaching Individuals A fitness strategy that will last a lifetime.

  USE it   OR   LOOSE it


We encourage our clients to take a PRO-ACTIVE approach as opposed to a RE-ACTIVE ONE when it comes to better health and fitness. 


The need for developing and maintaining lean body mass is more than what you see on the outside.  The body will not maintain muscle that is not being used routinely.  As we get older our personal “stress” levels increase and our daily activities decrease resulting in poor cardiovascular health, body fat retention and loss of fitness. Not to mention prone to accident and injury.   AQUA-TONE by Lorelei is a total MIND and BODY exercise program.  Utilizing water bells and boots and at times a water jog belt,  you will be led thru a series of exercise’s, breathing, stabilizing and stretching. AQUA-TONE is an exciting new exercise program that amplifies the natural resistance of water.  Elements of this system have been designed especially by leading exercise and sports professionals.  It is a SAFE, EFFICIENT and GENTLE form of exercise.  The degree of intensity, or resistance depends entirely upon the force applied by the user.  Therefore intense enough for the strongest athletes, yet safe and gentle for the elderly or someone that is out of shape, in need of rehabilitation.


AQUA-TONE using a combination of Hydro-tone, the Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method will:

Tone and sculpt all areas of the body

Build explosive athletic power quickly

Increase Flexibility

Builds Neuro-motor and Neuro-muscular coordination

No fear of falling, losing balance as the water supports you

Create a mind body connection, total freedom

Re-align the joints, get back to proper movement, motion

Burns calories fast

Therapeutic to the joints

Reduce workout time by 70%

Accommodates all strength levels, age16 and up…limitless

Great for rehab; knee and hip replacements, shoulder and back

Heart, Asthma clients will see benefits as well using this system

Results after each session and serious results in just weeks with proper use


 AQUA-TONE is FUN!    A fitness strategy that will last a lifetime.


Hydro-tone facts


In July of 1990, Janie Eikoff, world speed cyclist, won a gold medal at the Good Will Games.  Jamie was trained by Aquatic Medical Services and Hydro-Tone's inventor Dan Solloway.  She completely eliminated all land-based equipment training and attributes her success to Hydro-tone.  Personally certified by Dan Solloway PhD.   Lorelei Sprott is also your authorized sales consultant/trainer.  The United States Training Center has made available to the following field athletes the same conditioning programs NOW AVAILABLE TO YOU.


 Professional Sports Teams


                                                Minnesota Vikings

                                                Los Angeles Dodgers

                                                John McEnroe

                                                Andre Agassi

                                                49ers                                                                                                      Chicago White Sox

                                                St. Louis Cardinals

                                                Miami Dolphins

                                                Dallas Cowboys



Amateur Swim Teams


                                                United States National Water Polo Team

                                                Little Rock Racquet and Swim Team Club

                                                Dolphins Swim Team

                                                Kerr McGee Swim Club, Oklahoma City, OK

                                                United States National Water Polo Team



Colleges and Universities

                                               University Nevada Las Vegas  UNLV

                                                Oakland Community College, MI

                                                Indiana University Swim Team

                                                University of Oklahoma Football Team

                                                University of Oklahoma Women's                                                   Gymnastics Team

                                                University of Florida Swim Team

                                                Rancho Santiago College, Santa Ana, CA




Sprinting and Deep Water


 Bored of the treadmill?  Not losing weight on the stair climber or just want to enjoy the summer and lose weight at the same time? Aqua-Sprinting is an amazing total body workout that will help you simultaneously lose weight, strengthen, build cardio, shape and define your entire body with supple, shapely, lean muscle. It's  the body shaping wonder workout that elite fitness athletes have performed when it’s time to  shed the fat and attain the lean, muscular athletic look that everyone wants.  Nothing shapes you faster. Likewise, nothing is harder to recover from. Sprinting on land is impossible and even painful for most people. Aqua-sprinting is like doing 4 workouts in one. It’s a resistance training workout. Water has more resistance than air.  Add the "vacuum" effect as the water fights to fill in the void much like a tug a war coupled with the surge that when you change directions comes at you like a wave. Training opposing muscle groups at the same time.  You work every muscle in your body, particularly, legs, quads, arms and shoulders at the highest level. It’s like hitting a resistance circuit several times over. Aqua sprinting is a cardio workout. If you think you are in great cardio shape, this will Challenge you .

  Aqua-sprinting takes your fitness training to a new level.

     And the best part is?        Its SAFE and EFFECTIVE!

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